Visiting Google

South of San Francisco, you find Googleplex. Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc. and its parent company Alphabet Inc. It is located at Mountain View in Silicon Vally, California.

At the San Francisco site, there are about 30.000 to 45.000 employees. They are always looking for new member.


On April the 3th, I had the chance go visit Google and talk to some of it’s employees .

Google always tries to push technology to the next level. It’s inspiring.


From visiting Google, I learned that; Design is always in progress.

It was also nice to get refreshed; Good UX gives the user, what the user needs.


It also inspired me to think; does my interest match some companies interest? Otherwise: MAKE IT!


We also got some tips for future use, that I found good and really helpful.

Portfolios are pretty important!

  • I need to communicate the problem, process it, and solve it.
  • Passion/personal project is encouraged.
  • Divide own and team project.

UX tips:

  • Be clear and do easy navigation.
  • Break up content with concise points.
  • consider your audience.

Resumé tips:

  • Describe HOW!
  • Linke to Portfolio

Visiting Facebook

Facebook, inc. is based and located in Silicon Vally, California.

There are 9000 employees at the headquarter in San Francisco.

Visiting Facebook was an exciting and different experience.

Visiting Facebook, we had the joy of meeting and debating with a Content Strategy Manager, a UX designer, and a Product designer, that all worked in the same team. We also had the pleasure of getting a tour around campus and some offices.

Campus and the work atmosphere fascinated me. Facebook really does a lot to help their employees to be more creative and openminded. They got a focus on the employees. They matter. – It really inspired me.

“Don’t fall in love with your solution” – this can make you less able to make changes later in the progress.

This leads to the greatest advice given at Facebook: Don’t love the solution, love the problem.

Facebook is under constant development, they say – they’re only 1 % done. Because of their constant development, they’re always looking for new brains and ideas. They, like all other firms, rely on new people with new and different ideas.

This inspired me to figure out; how do I set my ideas into ACTION.

How do I make my work and ideas meaningful? Can my ideas solve problems?

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