Visiting Method

Method, Inc. is a global design firm, founded in 1999 in San Francisco. Some of the work Method does, is branding, craft, development, brand strategy, design and much more.

They support new and large organizations as strategic design advisors – globally.


Visiting Method, we got a small tour of the small building, and a presentation of the firm. But because of a lot of bag ground noise, I found it hard to hear the presentation, which is a great shame, since I was very interested in learning more about Method.

With that aside, the atmosphere at Method was kind and welcoming. They, along with other things, aloud their employees to bring pets to work.

This made me reflect upon my work environment, and what makes me the most productive and creative.

I got some great advice, that I found useful.

“The way you think, is much more important than your skills. Skills are important too, but your idea is the keystone.”

“Behind every beautiful design, is the thinking: WHY?!”


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