Visiting Adobe

Adobe is very dear to me. I am a very great Adobe product lover. So, there for, visiting Adobe was for me, so exciting, and my expectations was sooo high, and oh boy, I did not get disappointed. I loved it!


Adobe, also called, Adobe Systems, is a multinational computer software company. It was founded in 1982 in Mountain View, California. Adobe’s headquarter is located in San Jose.

As of 2015, Adobe Systems has about 13,500 employees worldwide, where about 500 of them, works in San Francisco.


I had the chance to visit Adobe, on April the 4th, at their offices in San Francisco. At Adobe, we meet with some from Adobe Education, Adobe Design, and Adobe Creative Residency.

I felt at home at once I entered the Adobe office building. The building is known to be famous Baker and Hamilton Building, where Adobe moved in, in 2007. It was an old warehouse building, that was founded on wood piles and was converted into commercial office space.


Adobe Education has a lot of focus on hiring for the future. They also know that 65% of youth and kids will end up in jobs, even careers that doesn’t exist yet.

Their job is to inspire people to be creative.

Every day, they investigate; how is the next generation?

How is the educations creative?


‘”The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community.”

The Adobe Creative Residency representative talked about their personal projects, and how Adobe helped them.


One of the Adobe Creative Residency representative, Christine,

made me feel well and good, she gave me inspiration and confident.

She gave some great tips, that I found real helpful.

“Don’t be afraid to develop further on”

“Learning by doing” – This is a great one, that we all have heard a thousand times.

She made me feel like sharing my own personal project.


Another Adobe Creative Residency representative, Ash, told me that I could just make it another 10 minutes, I could almost anything. This made me believe in myself, more than I did before.

“You need your own strength to be successful.”

She also gave another fantastic advice:

“If you wanna go fast – go alone. If you wanna go far – go together.”


And at last: “Keep doing your work – and you will eventually get where you wanna be.”


Overall the visit at Adobe, gave me a great idea of what I wanna do for a serious and personal project.


Visiting Adobe was educational, but most of all it gave me a whole new perspective on my future and career.

“Hitting the wall? – Go for a walk”


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