Visiting LinkedIn

Before visiting LinkedIn, I only had a small clue of what LinkedIn was and what they stood for. Now, after the visit, I’m hooked.

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service, that was founded in 2002, in Mountain View, California.

On April 7th, we visited LinkedIn in San Francisco.

At LinkedIn, we got a great presentation by Martin Laidler-Laursen, and later a good tour of the big building of LinkedIn. Afterwards and last, we were invited for lunch at the firm cafeteria. It was overall a great experience.

LinkedIn has 484 million users worldwide, where 2.1 mio. is from Denmark.

LinkedIn does a great effort to make their employees feel integrated and a part of the teams and the company. They inform every employee about the ongoing and upcoming projects.

LinkedIn is much more than a platform. They connect enterprise.

Their vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. They combined member, companies, jobs, skills, schools and knowles.

Their mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. They connect for opportunities.

Martin said, it is worth having a good LinkedIn account. Stay informed and create meaningful relationships.

Martin also gave us some fine advice: “Keep learning” – a classic but still so true.

“Know what you wanna do, where you wanna go, and wanna be, know how people can help you” – this can of cause chance, but get a new plan them. The keystone to the future is your plan.

LinkedIn made me feel welcome and a part of the community. They also made me reflect upon my future; think on how to get an internship or a job. They made me want to keep being updated.

These words really stuck in my head. “I’m controlling the future. It’s only me, how can get me where I wanna go. I can get help. But in the end, It’s only me.”


Visiting Method

Method, Inc. is a global design firm, founded in 1999 in San Francisco. Some of the work Method does, is branding, craft, development, brand strategy, design and much more.

They support new and large organizations as strategic design advisors – globally.


Visiting Method, we got a small tour of the small building, and a presentation of the firm. But because of a lot of bag ground noise, I found it hard to hear the presentation, which is a great shame, since I was very interested in learning more about Method.

With that aside, the atmosphere at Method was kind and welcoming. They, along with other things, aloud their employees to bring pets to work.

This made me reflect upon my work environment, and what makes me the most productive and creative.

I got some great advice, that I found useful.

“The way you think, is much more important than your skills. Skills are important too, but your idea is the keystone.”

“Behind every beautiful design, is the thinking: WHY?!”

Visiting Adobe

Adobe is very dear to me. I am a very great Adobe product lover. So, there for, visiting Adobe was for me, so exciting, and my expectations was sooo high, and oh boy, I did not get disappointed. I loved it!


Adobe, also called, Adobe Systems, is a multinational computer software company. It was founded in 1982 in Mountain View, California. Adobe’s headquarter is located in San Jose.

As of 2015, Adobe Systems has about 13,500 employees worldwide, where about 500 of them, works in San Francisco.


I had the chance to visit Adobe, on April the 4th, at their offices in San Francisco. At Adobe, we meet with some from Adobe Education, Adobe Design, and Adobe Creative Residency.

I felt at home at once I entered the Adobe office building. The building is known to be famous Baker and Hamilton Building, where Adobe moved in, in 2007. It was an old warehouse building, that was founded on wood piles and was converted into commercial office space.


Adobe Education has a lot of focus on hiring for the future. They also know that 65% of youth and kids will end up in jobs, even careers that doesn’t exist yet.

Their job is to inspire people to be creative.

Every day, they investigate; how is the next generation?

How is the educations creative?


‘”The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community.”

The Adobe Creative Residency representative talked about their personal projects, and how Adobe helped them.


One of the Adobe Creative Residency representative, Christine,

made me feel well and good, she gave me inspiration and confident.

She gave some great tips, that I found real helpful.

“Don’t be afraid to develop further on”

“Learning by doing” – This is a great one, that we all have heard a thousand times.

She made me feel like sharing my own personal project.


Another Adobe Creative Residency representative, Ash, told me that I could just make it another 10 minutes, I could almost anything. This made me believe in myself, more than I did before.

“You need your own strength to be successful.”

She also gave another fantastic advice:

“If you wanna go fast – go alone. If you wanna go far – go together.”


And at last: “Keep doing your work – and you will eventually get where you wanna be.”


Overall the visit at Adobe, gave me a great idea of what I wanna do for a serious and personal project.


Visiting Adobe was educational, but most of all it gave me a whole new perspective on my future and career.

“Hitting the wall? – Go for a walk”

Visiting Autodesk Gallery

Autodesk is a multinational software corporation, that makes software for engineering, architecture, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries.

Autodesk has it’s headquartered in San Rafael, California, and features a gallery of its customers’ work in San Francisco.


On April the 5th I visited Autodesk Gallery on Market Street 1, in San Francisco.


The visit pretty casual since, it was only a gallery and not a tour and debate with actual employees of the Autodesk offices.

But it was still neat to see the work of Autodesk. It was creative, inspiring and fascinating, all at once.


But it was not the gallery that inspired me. It was one of the employees, Mike, that works at the Autodesk Workshop.

A couple of us, students stayed at the gallery afterwards, to make some 3D prints, and ended up conversating with Mike at the workshop.

He was inspiring, exciting, and fascinating on so many levels. He talked about his work and the kids he worked with.

He made me realize that kids are the future, and that’s where we should invest.

This gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration for future work and projects.


“Kids are the future – we need to invest in the future.”

Visiting Google

South of San Francisco, you find Googleplex. Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc. and its parent company Alphabet Inc. It is located at Mountain View in Silicon Vally, California.

At the San Francisco site, there are about 30.000 to 45.000 employees. They are always looking for new member.


On April the 3th, I had the chance go visit Google and talk to some of it’s employees .

Google always tries to push technology to the next level. It’s inspiring.


From visiting Google, I learned that; Design is always in progress.

It was also nice to get refreshed; Good UX gives the user, what the user needs.


It also inspired me to think; does my interest match some companies interest? Otherwise: MAKE IT!


We also got some tips for future use, that I found good and really helpful.

Portfolios are pretty important!

  • I need to communicate the problem, process it, and solve it.
  • Passion/personal project is encouraged.
  • Divide own and team project.

UX tips:

  • Be clear and do easy navigation.
  • Break up content with concise points.
  • consider your audience.

Resumé tips:

  • Describe HOW!
  • Linke to Portfolio

Visiting Facebook

Facebook, inc. is based and located in Silicon Vally, California.

There are 9000 employees at the headquarter in San Francisco.

Visiting Facebook was an exciting and different experience.

Visiting Facebook, we had the joy of meeting and debating with a Content Strategy Manager, a UX designer, and a Product designer, that all worked in the same team. We also had the pleasure of getting a tour around campus and some offices.

Campus and the work atmosphere fascinated me. Facebook really does a lot to help their employees to be more creative and openminded. They got a focus on the employees. They matter. – It really inspired me.

“Don’t fall in love with your solution” – this can make you less able to make changes later in the progress.

This leads to the greatest advice given at Facebook: Don’t love the solution, love the problem.

Facebook is under constant development, they say – they’re only 1 % done. Because of their constant development, they’re always looking for new brains and ideas. They, like all other firms, rely on new people with new and different ideas.

This inspired me to figure out; how do I set my ideas into ACTION.

How do I make my work and ideas meaningful? Can my ideas solve problems?

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